Black Friday Hangover

This issue of SeniorInspire the newsletter is going to be a little shorter than normal just because of everything that's happened since our last edition!

Thanksgiving 2020 style? Done! Though I still found myself somehow stuck in the Zoom box next to Uncle Bernard who only wanted to talk politics while I was trying to discuss the latest episode of The Undoing

Black Friday? Got a few records and a plugin for WordPress that doesn't do what I want. But the important thing is I got through it with minimal damage to my wallet.

And as I write this today, it's something called Cyber Monday... a relatively new phenomenon created because gorging yourself on turkey and emptying your wallet the next day just isn't enough. Personally I choose to ignore this one... unless of course a really good deal pops up between now and midnight!

How about you? Did you survive?


Photographer cars

Meet the Photographer

And Finally

Photographers I'd Like to Follow Contest

If you're a member of the SeniorInspire Facebook Group (and you like to read) you probably already know this...

I've finally got some dates for our year end contest!

In order to not overlap with some of the other year end contests out there, I'm pushing the start date for our Photographers I'd Like to Follow contest back to December 28th with a January 29th deadline to submit.

Here are some other changes to watch for in this year's contest...

  • I'm increasing the number of photographers chosen from 75 to 100.
  • I'm eliminating categories to simplify things.
  • I'm going to be putting out a magazine in the Spring with work from the 100 photographers chosen.
  • Your overall portfolio of images submitted is going to play a bigger role in this year's contest.
  • I'm creating a new Top 20 category for photographers with the best overall portfolio. Top 20 photographers will get a two page spread in the magazine, with everyone else getting a single page.

See you next week!