Heading into a slower time of the year I'm planning to spend a nice chunk of time upping my marketing plan for 2021. With that in mind, I've geared this issue towards a bunch of articles that may help you fine tune your own marketing plan for next year.

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Magazine Update

But first...

Let's start with on update on our end of the year Photographers to Follow contest.

With a couple other year end contests winding down, I've decided to push back the start of our contest to December with a late January deadline to submit. That should give you plenty of time to find out the results from those other contests before submitting to ours.

A few changes to this year's contest:

  • I'm increasing the number of photographer's chosen from 75 to 100.
  • I'm eliminating categories to simplify things.
  • I'm going to be putting out a magazine in the Spring with work from the 100 photographers chosen.
  • Your overall portfolio of images submitted is going to play a bigger role in this year's contest.
  • I'm creating a new Top 20 category for photographers with the best overall portfolio. Top 20 photographers will get a two page spread in the magazine, with everyone else getting a single page.

That's it for now . Be watching our Facebook group for more details as I announce them!


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