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Hopefully you noticed our newsletter game has been pretty much nonexistent the last couple of months.

We hit our senior busy season just as we were putting out the summer issue of our magazine and frankly, WE ARE TIRED!

But we're back now and raring to go! So, let's get this thing started!


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The SeniorInspire Rountable

In the summer issue of SeniorInspire the magazine we included the transcript of our first ever roundtable discussion with 6 amazing senior photographers.

Here's an excerpt that didn't make it into the magazine....

SeniorInspire: Do you have a pre-shoot ritual?

Lisa McNiel Yes, and there are steps!

  • Check the hourly forecast.
  • Go through info the senior and mom have sent me in forms about interests, personality, activities, and anyone else who might be going on the shoot. One of my favorite questions is “What is your favorite music?” It’s about the only question they always answer completely and it tells me so much about them.
  • Based on that information, I do a Pinterest search for ideas and take photos of them with my camera. This allows me to have them on the back of my camera so it doesn’t look like I’m checking my phone.
  • Text the mom and tell them I’m looking forward to meeting them at X location at Y time and tell them what I drive.
  • I set alarms on my phone based on how many locations we are doing and travel times so I don’t lose track of time and miss something important!

Selessa Holmberg I check my client's Instagram, semi-plan out my shoot based on their style all the while always trying to push the limits of looks. I might check my inspo files, to get my mind going.

David Beckham My pre-shoot ritual starts with a double Crown rocks. Just kidding. Not really. I’m usually just scrambling at the last second to get my gear, data card and fresh batteries together. My pre-shoot ritual is a mad scramble.

Jessica Robertson THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! I ALWAYS have a consultation with each senior prior to their session. Normally this consult takes place weeks or even months before the shoot. I use the time to get to know the senior, make a plan for the session and what needs to be done in preparation, educate the client about our products and I clearly communicate the details of our pricing. We use our Portrait Guide to ensure that we consistently cover all of the most important details with every client.

After the consultation, the clients are excited and they know what they need to do before their session. Typically that may include, getting permission and/or paying fees for the locations, setting up their time with the makeup artist, and making an appointment with the stylist at our local boutique. I want to be the person they know, like and trust so they leave the studio confident in their choice of senior portrait photographer and have become new advocates for our studio even before I have created their portraits.

Aubry Ramey The night before, I create my inspiration board to send to my clients. Then I usually lay in bed and look at old photos or try to find inspiration for that shoot in some way. The morning of the shoot, I will drive to the location with coffee in hand and just walk around and look and imagine where I want to shoot. Then I usually go and pick up my seniors favorite treat, as well as a treat for myself, mom and my assistant and bring it to everyone at the end of their hair and make up time.

Susan Gietka My main pre-shoot ritual would be looking over my clients' Pinterest board to get a feel for their aesthetic and personality. I also reset my camera ISO, reformat my memory cards, check my white balance and take a photo of my dog to make sure my camera is working properly.


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