What’s up, SeniorInspire readers? Hope you took some time for yourself over this long holiday weekend.

Me? I was busy sending out a hundred congratulatory emails to the winners of this year's 100 Photographers I'd Like to Follow contest (PILFs if you want to get all controversial).

This past weekend was all about congratulating the winners, but today I want to take a minute to talk to the people who didn't win.

Don't let this set you back!

Personally, I've been entering the Senior Style Guide Hot 100 competition every year for close to a decade with one lonely win under my belt. Believe me, I know how it feels to check and double check that list of winners for your name.

But despite that humiliating string of defeats, I've somehow managed to build a profitable business with clients who love what I do and actually think I'm the best photographer in the world.

So please don't tell them the photo they loved of their darling Nikki got it's ass kicked by the SSG judges - they might want their money back! 😉

But honestly, winning contests is not what's important. Competition is great and wanting to enter them every year has personally helped me push myself to get better and try new things. Judges cannot take that away from me.

So do not let a temporary setback throw you off course. Keep working at your craft!

And this goes for the winners too! If this year's entries were re-judged a week from now I guaranty the list of 100 winners would look completely different. Judging in any photo contest is completely subjective!

Bottom line... How your clients see your work is infinitely more important than how some dufus looking through thousands of photos at a time sees them. Cherish your wins and grow from your losses.


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And Finally

If you live somewhere getting hit with crazy cold weather, don't lose hope... spring training starts tomorrow!

Summer is right around the corner!!