After a week off, we're back with another issue of SeniorInspire the newsletter!

Did you miss us?

Read on for a complete update on our year end contest including when we'll be announcing the winners and what this year's winning badges are going to look like (spoiler alert - they're amazing!)

We also have a fun interview with Tonya Bolton as well as a HULU tip that will knock your socks off!

Here we go!


Magazine Update

I've been spending a lot of time in front of my computer...

But I'm completely loving the chance to get to review all of your hard work!

I've had my butt planted in front of my monitor the last three days and I've got to tell you, my stomach is in knots and my eyes are starting to look like those little spinny wheels. But the work this year is just SO GOOD!

We had over 3,000 images submitted from about 250 photographers. And did I mention the work this year is SO GOOD!

I'm so grateful to all of you who entered and wish EVERYONE could be winners! But of course everyone can't win and I'm hoping to be through the process of narrowing this down to the top 100 soon!

If you didn't see the upcoming timeline I posted in the SeniorInspire Facebook group, here it is again...

Feb 15th - The 100 PILF winners will be announced and you'll receive an email with your winning image. You'll also receive instructions in this email telling you what you need to do to have you client submit one of our online photo releases for the print magazine.

Feb 22nd - Photo releases will be due. When you receive your email announcement on the 15th it will include instructions about obtaining the releases. Your client will have one week to digitally sign the release and submit it to us. For those of you who have not been part of our last two magazines, don't get hung up on the release process. IT IS SUPER EASY!

March 15th - Magazine Release Date! Our print magazine will feature images from all 100 winning photographers including two page spreads for each of the 20 Rockstar Photographers selected.

As of right now these dates are still looking good, but I'll let you know if anything changes along the way.

If you do have any questions other than, 'Are we there yet?' hit reply to this email (or shoot me an email if you're reading this on the web) and ask away!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! You're ALL PILF's in my book!!


We don't need no stinkin' badges!

OK, ok. Of course we need PILF badges!

And as promised , I'm revealing them for the first time ever in this issue of SeniorInspire the newsletter!

Thank you Barbara Neely Deisgn for your incredible work! These are exactly what the Doctor ordered!

I'll be emailing each of this year's 100 PILFs one of these badges on the 15th, with the top 20 getting the RockStar version.

Let me know what you think... I know I can't wait to see these popping up in my Instafeed!


Meet the Photographer

And Finally