Facebook and Instagram were down for SIX WHOLE HOURS on Monday!!! 😱

How did I find out?

Not because I saw hundreds of people walking around without phones in front of their faces.

No, it was the dozen or so emails I received from photographers and other marketing gurus wanting to sell me their email list building course. You know, just in case Facebook disappears for good.

Now that's some smart marketing!

Are you good at grabbing the ball and running with it when marketing opportunities present themselves?

Did anyone send their prospects an email asking them what they'll do when all the photographs of their kids are wiped out once Mark Zuckerberg decides to take his ball home?

If only you had an email list... 🤣

It does make you think though, right? What would you do if you suddenly didn't have Facebook or Instagram to market with?

Probably the same thing we did when people stopped using the yellow pages - We move on to the next thing.

But guessing what that next thing is going to be is a fool's game.

For now, shore up your basics.

Having an email or (even better) a text list is nice, but in the senior business this year's list of seniors is next year's list of college freshmen. And if social media disappears, how would you keep your list fresh? Think about it.

Personally, I think the best thing you can do for your business is make sure your website is up-to-date and SEO maximized. You should continue to drive people from social media to your website where there should be an EASY TO FIND info request form for them to fill out.

Your website and an obvious structure for potential client's to conatct you is the key!

If you've been fooled into thinking Facebook makes having a website obsolete, you need to act now. If Monday taught you anything it should be to not become reliant on things you can't control. And you for sure can't control Mark Zuckerberg.


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And Finally

I'm going to leave you this week with a guy who found an alligator in front of his house and then trapped it in a garbage can.

If you haven't already seen this video, do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT!