Does it feel like Monday to you ? Holiday weekends always mess with me like that.

But nope, it's Tuesday which means it's time for the next issue of SeniorInspire the newsletter...

We've got a great one this week, featuring our interview with West Elm Photography's Robin Addleman. If you're not familiar with her work, do yourself a favor and give her a follow on Instagram.

Before you get to Robin's interview though, we've got some great info on DSLR vs mirrorless cameras as well as a whole hunk on calls to action you should be prepared to spend some time studying.

Anyway, enjoy the issue!


Magazine Update

Magazine Update

A quick update on the next issue of SeniorInsire the magazine...

We're going to begin accepting submissions for our next semi-annual issue on Monday, June 21st - That's just three weeks from now!

Stay tuned to the newsletter or in the SeniorInspire Facebook group for more details as they're available!


Marketing and Branding

Equipment News

Meet the Photographer

And Finally

If you made it this far here are 45 cheap things on Amazon that are super legit!

Enjoy the week!