Welcome back for another issue of SeniorInspire the newsletter!

SeniorInspire's Instagram feature page turned 6 last week, an amazing feat when you consider how many senior themed feature pages have come and gone in that time. I bet it's quite a few dozens at least!

Over the past 6 years we've featured an average of almost 3 photos a day and hopefully introduced you to A LOT of photographers who may not have been on your radar.

At least that's what we hope!

Anyway, enough horn tooting and on to this week's newsletter. It is jam packed with freshness, so please read on...


Instagram and Social Media

Your mental health


Equipment News

Meet the Photographer

And Finally

Leaving you this week with a short article about a high school in Florida that used Photoshop to eliminate cleavage in their yearbook.

Some people were happy they did it, some were enraged, but in the end the whole thing was just a big bust...