Good morning and thank you for joining us here in issue number 18 of SeniorInspire the Newsletter!

Last week in the SeniorInspire Facebook group there was a thread going where we all shared a single song (though a few nudniks shared more than one).

Turns out our group's taste in music is not even close to monolithic, and we ended up with a truly eclectic list of tunes which I've added to a brand new SeniorInspire Spotify playlist you can find here.

Check it out!

I've listened through it a few times now and I'm amazed at how well it all goes together.

Throw it on while you're editing or hanging out around the house and shoot me a message to let me know how many times you hit skip. I'm betting it won't be many.

Okay, let's get on to today's issue. It's a good one!


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