How's everyone doing this week?

For me it's the first week of Model Rep meetings! Woo hoo! Like every year, I'm a bit nervous heading into the week but optimistic all the work I've already put in should start to pay dividends. Knock on wood!

I've got 42 meetings scheduled over the next 3 weeks where I'll be giving the same little talk over and over and doing short 10 minute shoots with each of the applicants. Wish me luck!

I'll have more to report on that in the coming weeks, but for now let's jump right into this week's issue. Lots going on out there!


Magazine Update

Instagram and Social Media

Meet the Photographer

And Finally

That's it for this week! I'm going to leave you with this little tune that had me smiling this week. I wish the streets in my town were like this...

See you again soon!