Welcome to Issue number 25 of SeniorInspire the newsletter!

Half a year ago I started this endeavor with two goals... to get to 25 issues and to have one thousand subscribers.

So here we are at issue 25 and as I write this we just added our 999th subscriber! Just one more to a thousand and at the rate we've been going we may very well be there by the time you're reading this.

On the outside chance we're not there yet, please pass along this link to other fellow photographers you think may be interested in what we share each week. We'd love to have them join us!

On to this week's issue...


Photography Trivia

Raise your hand if you know what this is

Take a look at the picture above. If you have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, odds are that little circle with a line through it is etched into your camera body as well.

I always thought it was a Canon thing, but when I started shooting Sony that little circle/line combo was there too. WTH?

Want to know what it is? Scroll to the bottom to find out...


Equipment News

Meet the Photographer

Trivia Answer

And Finally

And that's it for issue number 25! I promise from here on out I won't be mentioning issue numbers (until we get to 100).

In other news, if you have any senior images you'd like to have published in a magazine, I just heard through the grapevine that Senior Year Magazine is going to begin taking submissions for their Spring issue TODAY. I'd imagine there will be more info on their website soon.

But please, save a few good ones for the next issue of SeniorInspire the magazine due out this summer! 😎

Have a great week!