Did you ever have one of those weeks?

One of those weeks where it seems like everything is happening all at once?

That's this week for me... Among other things I have the coming deadline for our PILF contest this Friday with entries starting to roll in at a much quicker pace. THANK YOU ALL!

I'm also in the middle of my model rep interview phase where I meet with countless Juniors, telling the same jokes over and over with varying degrees of success.

Worse, my car lease is coming due and my daughter also needs help shopping for a new car, both in the same week! And there is no bigger time suck on this planet than car shopping!

And now it's midnight on a Monday and I'm looking out the window as an anticipated 9 inches of snow begins to fall.


So what do I do when everything hits at once and my stress levels are off the charts?

I take a deep breath, of course! I smoke some CBD, do a little extra exercise, meditate and relax.


YEAH RIGHT! In reality I run around like a chicken with my head chopped off and get as many things done as I can before collapsing in bed!

That's just how we do!

LOL! Now that you know where I'm coming from, let's get on with this week's issue!!!


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Meet the Photographer

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