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Not much happened in the news last week, so let's jump right in...

Photography Trivia

Raise your hand if you know this

I bet you've all heard the term, but can you define the inverse square law?

(see answer below)


Meet the Photographer

Trivia Answer

And Finally

A time to work, a time to recharge

With the seasons changing some of you may be heading into a slower time of year like I am.

After a grueling busy season, it's important to set aside a bit of time for yourself to recover... but then get right back to work.

Busy season will roll around again before you know it and NOW is absolutely the time to implement any changes you've been wanting to make!

Start by making a list of ALL the things you'd like to get done this offseason. Then narrow that down to the most important three and GET TO WORK!

Update your website, fine tune your marketing, take that SEO class you've been eyeing, deep clean the studio, sell off some old equipment. Whatever it is you've been wanting to do, now is the time to get them done, because before you know it busy season will roll around again and you'll be back to the grind!

And perhaps most importantly, GET YOURSELF IN BETTER PHYSICAL SHAPE. You're not getting any younger and, believe me, every year it gets harder and harder to drag yourself through that busy season unless you're in the best shape you can be.

Just do it!